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New Analytics inactive enrollment status even though student is not inactive


One of our teachers is testing New Analytics and they came across this error message with one of their test students:

"This user has an inactive enrollment status or a deleted status. We cannot show data for this user in New Analytics."


However, this student is not inactive or deleted. The test student can still view the course and access it normally. 

Is there a way to get the New Analytics working for this student? Is it a bug or..?

Looking forward to any possible solutions for this problem! 🙂

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Hi @PauliinaPunnone 

Are you certain the student is not inactive? 

What do you mean by "test student"? The student view of the course, which is called "test student" in the gradebook is not an actual student so I will not have analytics available for it. That error would show if you try to access the new analytics for the test student. 

If the student is an actual student enrollment in the course that you call "test student" they should have Analytics populate after 24 hours they have been in the course. 

If they were set to inactive or concluded at some point and changed back to active, the teacher would need to wait 24 hours before their analytic is pulled. 

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you.