New Quizzes, LockDown Browser & Monitor, and Import Course Content

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I am our Canvas Admin in my school. We use New Quizzes (NQ) in some of our course masters. The NQ are set up to draw questions from the Item Bank(s) and we have LockDown Browser & Monitor (LBM) enabled.

When we import the master content into a new course, the NQ migrated fine but, not the LBM settings. The LBM appeared to be fine in the new course under the Quizzes. It looks like, "Quiz 1 - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam". However, when I go into LockDown Browser from the course navigation, the Quiz 1 shows "Not Required" for both LockDown Browser and Proctoring columns.

Obviously, something went wrong during the importing process and the LBM settings go lost in translation.

I know we can re-enable the LBM in the new courses as a workaround. But it would be labor intensive. 

I reached out to both Canvas and Respondus supports. Both supports pointed finger at each other.

Has anyone encounter this issue? Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated.