Importing Course Content Versus Importing Existing Content

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Could someone please clarify the difference (or confirm there is none) between the following.

1)  In course settings there is an "Import Course Content" 

2) On the homepage there is an "Import Existing Content"

When I follow both paths they appear to do the same thing.  My tech keeps insisting I use the one inside settings, why?  It is just extra clicks to get there.

I'm having some issues with importing content and getting zeros in the gradebook despite removing the dates upon import.  We are trying to troubleshoot why.  

IF these truly are the same thing, why are they named differently?

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Community Coach

Hi @sbridge,

Looking at the URLs each button/link goes to, I can say they are in fact the same thing.  As to why they are named differently, it's probably down to the code being developed by different people, though an argument could be made that the name should change based on area the button/link is in to give it better context.

I hope this helps a bit!


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