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New color coding in rubrics

I would like to voice strong objections to the recent change in rubrics, adding color coding to the scores, with green for the highest scores and then orange and red for lower scores. I emphasize to my students that a C or B is a good score, but now those who have earned a C or B have red marks on their rubrics. The color coding does not reflect my judgment of my students' achievements, and I hope you will remove it or allow teachers to disable it.

Here is a link to the idea in Canvas Studio, if you'd like to vote on it: 

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I strongly agree with this original poster's thoughts.  The color scoring gives students a false understanding of appropriate scores and academic averaging.  This current color system facilitates inappropriate thoughts of failure in student minds and encourages grade inflation.  Let us change them, or get rid of them.

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I too agree with the original post above.  For my rubric, "Meets Expectations" is Red, which is just not appropriate.  Could we make the feature optional now so we can turn it on or off?  Then we can discuss apppropriate colors collectively. I think the color issue could be complex considering that some people have 5 rubric ratings, some have 4 or 3.  I don't think I would want to select colors for all of my rubric categories along with all the other clicks it requires to create new rubrics. For now though, making this optional is key.  I just released rubrics where most of my students have red ratings because they met but did not exceed expectations.  I sent an announcement to clarify that red for all but Exceeds is a new feature and not likely to stay that way.  Nonetheless, I'm sure it will create anxiety anyway, and a few good students are going to insist on 5/5 just to get rid of the red.

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I agree this gives the wrong message. There should be the choice of colour or not.  A bit like giving a mark - students focus on that rather than the feedback. 

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I strongly agree with those who are calling for the instructor to have control over this feature!  The color coding imposes a particular set of values on my assessment of student work that runs counter to what I am trying to teach about taking intellectual risks and using feedback constructively to improve understanding.  Please make it stop!

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @kstack , Probably the best thing you can do to voice your complaints is to create a feature idea for this in the Canvas Studio‌ and then post the link to your idea here so people can go vote and comment on it. 

In addition, here’s a related feature idea - 

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This is unacceptable. The blast of red a student sees if they get anything other than 100% can be demoralizing and sends an absolutely incorrect and plain "wrong" message. For me, students begin with zero and earn points. This seems like we're punishing them for loosing points, or not measuring up. Get rid of this as soon as possible. It is not supportive of student success, not in the least.

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Thanks for the advice. I've just created an idea in Canvas Studio - we'll see how much traction it gets.

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When Instructure makes changes like this, it makes me wonder if they have people with teaching experience on staff in the different area.

Color coding this way is simple an outdated practice. Reminds me of the days of red ink pens grading my English papers.

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Without weighing in on the whole question of the non-scoring rubrics, I wanted to make sure you are aware you can change the colors by using the Learning Mastery configuration. You could even make the colors the lightest grey with the color code "#f2f2f2" so they can be ignored. I tried to make them white, but the configuration didn't want to accept that.