Not Clear what file is submitted for student upload.

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When a file upload assignment is set up with set file types eg. xls,xlsx,pdf

the student submits a file - as it's loading they see the file name. Once it has supposedly submitted it views on the page in the pdf viewer but there is no indication what the file name or type was so the student can't check they submitted the correct file and it appears to the student in the pdf viewer which makes it look like it has submitted a pdf. this is very confusing. 

the teacher can see in speedgrader that the original file was in fact a xls etc and the student can go to their files and find the file that was submitted but I can't see anywhere on the submission page to confirm to the student the file name and type that has been uploaded?? this is causing huge student confusion. It is particularly important when multiple attempts are allowed as there is no visibility of which file is which attempt. If student could see the file name they would know it correspond to the right version. at the moment they have to judge by knowing what the version looks like and seeing in the pdf viewer if they can distinguish. please add a file name confirmation for students!!

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Hi @BethSmithvuw,

I agree that it would be nice if the student could see the filename above the preview window (with assignment enhancements enabled), similar to what faculty can see.  I think this would make a great submission to the Ideas area for future consideration if you'd be willing to do that.


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