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Students are seeing assignments that have not yet been graded as 0's. Why don't they show up for students with the paper icon that is in instructor's gradebooks? It would reduce so much panic from students if they saw something other than a 0 on their end! If this is an error due to my institution's setup, please let me know so that I can go and cry to them. If it is something that is due to a configuration on your part, please consider creating a method to denote to students that their assignment has not yet been graded.


Thank you!

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I like the idea of creating status icons for the gradebook. Both the instructors and the students would be in the know when something is pending grading. I think this is one of these ideas that need to garner some major traction and get upvoted before Canvas even considers this...

  • Gradebook Icons to be considered:
    • Pending grading (a paper with a check icon)
    • Summitted assignment (a paper with envelop/inbox icon)
    • In progress (a paper with clock icon)

All of these would show either in the gradebook for instructors or in the grades area for students. This would create transparency with grading for both parties.

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