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@BrandonSavona and @itsmedannie ...

You may need to provide us with additional most of us here in the Canvas Community cannot access your school's Canvas environment.  (We only have access to our own.)  Are you students?  Are you instructors?  In either case, are you looking for the courses that you are taking or teaching?  If so, then those kinds of questions are typically addressed with your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Learning department.  Again, we wouldn't be able to help with getting access to your courses.

@itsmedannie ... I am not sure if any of these pages on your school's website will be of help:

@BrandonSavona ... I found this page which has some contact information for you: Canvas | (

Hopefully these resources will be helpful for both of you.  Good luck in your communications with folks at your schools.

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