Google Assignments (LTI 1.3) - do we have to manage Google user accounts?

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We already use the old Google Apps/Drive LTI tool since 2017.  We see there is a Google Assignments (LTI 1.3) but it says you have to have Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite) and not sure if that means we would have to then manage all of the Google accounts for students and instructors or is there an option to just allow them to use their own personal Google accounts?

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Hi Ward -

To use Google Assignments LTI 1.3, your organization needs Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education), which is free for educational institutions.  This does mean that your institution would need managed Google accounts for all users. Learn how to sign up for Google Workspace for Education. If you do not have access to Google Workspace for Education and are trying to use Google Assignments 1.3 with personal Google accounts, the integration will not operate correctly. 


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