Odd Grading Behavior with Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

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I work with a few instructors who have reported odd grading behavior in Canvas when they review fill-in-the-blank questions.  Before I start sharing examples, I want to mention that 1) instructors are using old quizzes not New Quizzes, 2) instructors were not entering additional correct answers midway through grading the fill-in-the-blank questions, 3) the instructors were the only person grading the quizzes at the time these issues occurred, and 4) most unfortunately, these issues seem to occur at random times, with random questions, and not with all students.

With all of that being said, I've included screenshots of the issues to illustrate the problems.  First, at times, Canvas awards full credit for student answers that are not even close to the correct answers:

Awarding Credit for an Incorrect Answer

Second, at times, Canvas awards full credit for a partially correct answer.  I thought that answers for fill-in-the-blank questions had to match exactly, but perhaps I am mistaken:

Awarding Full Credit for a Partially Correct Answer

Lastly, at times, Canvas awards partial credit for an answer that is partially correct.  Again, I thought answers had to be an exact match and I'm not sure why this answer was awarded half-credit the previous example was awarded full credit:Awarding Partial Credit for an Incorrect Answer

Basically, what ends up happening is that instructors have to manually grade all of the students' quiz attempts in the course question-by-question.  This is obviously quite tedious.  I was curious if anyone in the community noticed these types of errors as well and, if so, what (if anything) can be done to solve the problem.

Thank you for your time and guidance!


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Community Coach

 @schw0814 , greetings! It sounds like you've covered all your bases as to the normal things you'd check when trouble-shooting. My recommendation to take this documentation and submit it to Canvas Support. They would be the best ones to troubleshoot this type of thing. Please let us know what you find out!


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