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Currently, I put Assignments in Assignment Groups, set assignments to be graded by point scores (not percentages), and provide percentage weights for the groups. What I'd like to do is create weights for assignments within groups, but also use a point system for my individual assignment rubrics.

For example, I might want to make a 40-60 weight ratio for two essay drafts belonging to the same essay group (so assuming no other assignments), but use point rubrics I've developed before that might afford a maximum 50 points on one draft and 30 points on another. I'd also like to avoid making separate groups for a lone assignment (it's a reasonable fix but a bit of clutter and explanation for my students).

What's the smartest option - besides, I suppose, doing the mental math and converting those rubric points to match their corresponding weights - for weighing assignments within the group but keeping the point scales and rubrics I like?

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There is no sub-tier for Assignment Groups Weighting. Once the initial groups are set up and weighted, then you need to pay attention to point values.For example, in one of my courses, I have set up my Assignment Groups as follows:

  • Weekly Homework: 40%
  • Weekly Quizzes: 10%
  • Exam A: 15%
  • Exam B: 15%
  • Final Exam: 20%

Within Weekly Quizzes, all of my quizzes have the same number of points: 15 points each. If I were to vary the number of points: Week 1 Quiz (10 points), Week 2 Quiz (20 points), Week 3 Quiz (50 points), and so on, then some quizzes would be more valuable than others.

If you want a 40-60 ratio for the two drafts, then make Draft A equal 40 points and Draft B equal 60 points.

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