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I need to upload a PDF that is designed to be viewed in two-page view. 

Is there a way to edit the Canvas PDF viewer so that the document appears in two-page view, rather than single page view? 

Attaching a photo of what this view looks like in Adobe. Is the only way to replicate this in Canvas to have it display as .jpgs? These files need to be PDFs. 

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Hi @NYBG ,

There may be a way to do this in Canvas that I'm not aware of, but I would actually make this adjustment in the original PDF file. If you have Adobe Reader, you can go to the Print settings and adjust the printout to the 2-page view you desire, then save the document as a PDF (a new PDF file) instead of sending it to a printer. Then upload THAT file to Canvas, and it will already be in the format you desire. (I'm not sure what program you're using that is shown in your attached image; that program may have a similar ability.)

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