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Pace Plans and Instructor calendar

I have started using pace plans for my students. I have an open/entry open/exit classroom, meaning I have new students start at the beginning of each month as students finish up the course. Each month I will start a new group pace plan. My instructor calendar is now overwhelmingly full of all due dates from lots of pace plans. I still need my calendar, but it is just overwhelming! Can pace plans be put on a separate button that can be clicked off for the calendar just like you can choose what modules to see? 

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Hi @codybaird 

Are referencing Medicare's PACE program, by any  chance? If so, there is no integration for PACE and Canvas. Or is it a military Pace Plan, still no integration.

If not, then I have no idea what a Pace Plan is, and it is not part of Canvas. If this tool is used by others on your campus, have you talked with them?

While you can use an iCal feed to share your Canvas Calendar with other calendars, I know of no integration that will work with the Canvas Calendar the way you are hoping  for. However, I can well guess that you need something. How are your students dealing with your Calendar, as it must also be quite challenging for them unless you have each cohort in it's own section.

Good luck,


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Canvas now has Pace Plans that you can do to show your students how far ahead or behind they are. When you build a plan it puts all of their assignments into the instructor calendar and  since I have multiple students on multiple plans my calendar is crazy! Just wanting an option from Canvas to see their pace plans in the calendar or not. If the option is already there I would love to know how to turn it off.

@codybaird Pace Plans are not a Canvas feature or product. It's possible that your school has created a custom integration with Pace Plans and the Canvas calendar, and if that's the case, your best course of action would be to contact the Canvas admin for your school to ask if they can perform further customizations to the tool that would simplify your calendar view.

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It looks like it is some sort of professional service offered by Instructure but not native to Canvas.   Pace Plans - Table of Contents - Instructure Community


Good find, @nwilson7 !

 @codybaird Please work with your admin on the configuration to see if they can help you simplify your calendar.