Partial Credit for Multiple Answers - ALL OR NOTHING!!

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SO it seems that something has changed in Canvas. The multiple-answer no longer gives partial credit OR there's some other setting that needs to be changed.

I've spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to get canvas to score a multiple answer question with partial credit. It WILL NOT work. I designed a question that has one correct answer, three choices, worth 1 point, but it will not score .5 or 1/2. Okay, so maybe that's a design flaw. Cool. Same question set up: one correct answer, three choices, worth 2 points. Nope. No partial credit here either. Okay. So maybe there MUST be two correct answers. Still a design flaw. But, let's test: two correct answers, three possible answers (one is wrong), 2 points. Nope. No partial credit. It seems that every question is an all or nothing setting and Canvas did not place that particular setting in a intuitive place (like so many other problems with Canvas that lack an intiutive design).

So does anyone know where I can adjust the all-or-nothing scoring in Canvas quizzes?

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Hi @arthur_maturo_2 

This answer is only for traditional Quizzes in Canvas, and not New Quizzes

This is the answer provided in the lesson, How do I create a Multiple Answers quiz question?,

"To calculate scores for Multiple Answers quiz questions, Canvas divides the total points possible by the amount of correct answers for that question. This amount is awarded for every correct answer selected and deducted for every incorrect answer selected. No points are awarded or deducted for correct or incorrect answers that are not selected. For example, an instructor may create a Multiple Answer quiz question with 9 points possible that includes three correct choices and two incorrect choices. If a student selects two correct answers and one incorrect answer, they would be awarded 3 total points for that question. This would be calculated by awarding 3 points (9 total points divided by 3 correct answers) for each correct answer and subtracting 3 points for the incorrect answer.."

Bottom line: Canvas is giving partial points for a correct answer, but is also deducting points for incorrect answers, and there is no way to change this.


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