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Peer Review Show Assessment By student issue

For the Peer Review function, I used to be able to see the assessment by one student, but it is no longer available now. I am setting one assignment be reviewed by 2 students and giving review anonymously. 

If I use Speed grader, on student A's page, I can see student B and student C's assessment. I used to use Peer Review button to check out how A is evaluating say D and E, as under A's name, D and E are listed as these two students are assigned to A to review. when I click student D then click show rubrics, there will be a window pop up, showing how D is being evaluated by other two students, and one of the review should be from student A. The name of the assessor used to be appeared in "Show Assessment By:" box, but it is now all showing "Unknow User". That makes me no way to identify which assessment is the review from student A.

What other ways I can check out how one student evaluate others in a more convenient way?

Many thanks!

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Peer assessment can:

Empower students to take responsibility for and manage their own learning.
Enable students to learn to assess and give others constructive feedback to develop lifelong assessment skills.
Enhance students' learning through knowledge diffusion and exchange of ideas.
Motivate students to engage with course material more deeply.


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Hello @Sophie_GU 

Are you saying there is a discrepancy between being able to see which students left reviews? Per your example, you can see the names of students for student A but not student D? Did you change any settings after the students started leaving reviews? If you have the peer review as anonymous they won't be able to see who left it. Additionally, it looks like you have anonymous grading turned on in the speedgrader. "When anonymous peer reviews are enabled, you and your TAs can still view the names of student reviewers in SpeedGrader and in the student submission page. However, if anonymous grading is enabled in SpeedGrader, the names of both students will be hidden in SpeedGrader but not in the student submission page." 

Here is the Canvas guide:

How do I use peer review assignments in a course? - Instructure Community  

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