Percentages in ssignment groups showing wrong percentage

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I have an instructor that has created an assignment group called Knowledge check, that has a 60% weight assigned to it. But when assignments are submitted the percentage for the individual students is showing as more than 100%. Any suggestions?





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@kmather -

We really need to see the actual assignments in the group.  What the instructor has done is given grades higher than 100% on assignments in that group.

for example, an assignment is worth 10 points and the instructor inadvertently types in 100 (double 0 instead of 1)

The other possibility is the assignments have their score set at 0 and then receive points for it (what I do for extra credit).

so more than likely the assignment grades are something like: 20/10, 20/0, 10/10, 100/50 which gives a total of 150 out of 70 = 214.28%

My guess is that some of the assignments are new quizzes, and they have assigned a score of 0 for the quiz and then have questions worth points. That or they have regular assignments that have a score set at 0 and then they entered points for those assignments.

If that is not the case, please provide more information


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