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I have been trying to use the pop-up feature in Canvas and i used the HTML that has been posted in several community posts.  It used to work just fine with one pop-up and then you could click the "X" and it would disappear.  Well, now when I click the "X" there is another pop-up that I have to close as well.  I cannot figure out the HTML to fix this.

Here is what I use:

<div id="dialog_for_link1" class="enhanceable_content dialog">here is the text for the pop up</div>

<p><a id="link1" href="#dialog_for_link1">This is the text for the button</a></p>

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@mlabbett -

I just tried your code and it worked fine.  The interesting thing is that I had tried @Chris_Hofer supplied code first - his worked.  I then added your code after his.

With both sets of code in there at the same time, I clicked on your link and got the dialog box.  When I closed it with the X then Chofer's dialog box came up and I had to close it as well.

So my guess is that you have two or more of these dialog boxes back to back and that is causing the issue.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to keep one from bleeding into the other one.  However, maybe what I pointed out will help you determine the fix.

edit: after posting, I went back and looked at the code - both of you used link1, I modified one of the items to link2 instead of link1 and the double box went away.


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