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Hi ~

I inadvertently posted to my own Discussion page for this week.  Now I am unable to show my work in the 1st instance for fellow student comment.  Is there a way I can delete my posting?


Discussion posting.JPGDiscussion posting.JPGWish there was a telephone number I could call ... 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @ElizabethSceppa ...

The ability to edit/delete discussion postings is an option that your instructor can toggle on/off for all students in the course.  I'm not sure what your instructor's preference is for that particular setting, so you would need to ask him/her about it.  Just as a reference for you, the instructor would go into his/her course "Settings" page, and then there is a "more options" link at the bottom of the screen where your instructor could toggle on/off the setting for "Let students edit or delete their own discussion replies".  Alternatively, your instructor could follow the instructions in this Guide (which you can pass along to him/her if you like): How do I allow students to edit and delete their o... - Instructure Community (

I hope this will be of some help to you, Elizabeth.  Please let Community members know if we can be of additional assistance.  Thanks!

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