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I wondered why Canvas doesn't have the option to review an uploaded file before submission, leaving room for one to submit a wrong file accidentally. You can only what you submitted after your submission and it doesn't seem right. It's like printing a document, you get a chance to preview it before you hit the print button. Kindly look into this issue, please. This wasn't an issue on Blackboard. Thank you.

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There were two idea submissions from a while back that I could find related to your request, but they have now been you can see here:

If you wanted to try and submit this as a new idea, you could do that.  Here's a link to some Guides (look under the section "Ideas and Themes") that would help in creating your idea:

Instructure Community Guide - Instructure Community (

Sorry I don't have better news for you at this time, but I hope this will be helpful in some way.

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