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Printing a list of due dates from the Dashboard??

Is it possible to print a list of assignment due dates and activities from List view in the Dashboard? Our courses are set up by module, so using the Assignment Tab only produces a list of assignments in one module. I would like one running list of all assignment due dates (similar to what you can view from the Dashboad in List View). Any suggestions? Many thanks for your assistance. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @ToniAdler -

From each course, students should be able to filter/sort their assignments by date from the Grades page. I understand that this view is course-by-course, but it's a starting point.

With the List View, it looks like CTRL+P (or File Print) makes a simplified view of the page, with statuses and due-dates. (I zoomed my page to 80%, and it's actually pretty nice!)



Let me know if you'd like to collaborate! I'd be happy to look into this more with you.

Thank you so much for this information. I am going to try it now. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise. Thanks, toni