Problems with links (original direct URLs vs. relative internal URLs) from importing past course content

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Does any one else have issues with wrong links when using content of materials imported from a course a few years ago? I have no problem with last semester's course being imported to this year but have lots of issues with importing Canvas class content from 2021 to this Spring 2023 course.  While all files and pages were imported, the links to them use the original URLs which link to my 2021 class pages and files instead of the imported 2023 course's content. My students are thus sent to the old class pages and quizzes and discussions and then don't have access to readings in the Files folder because the links are to my old class. My school tech said that there is no remedy but to go in and change each link manually. That's like a 100 links to change! What's the point of importing files if I have to redo the individual links?  My school tech thinks the problem lies in some changes in importing old classes versus more recent classes. Could someone address and fix this problem? I know of other faculty experiencing this problem but it's too much work to deal with tech folks in addition to trying to fix the immediate problem. 

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