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When I create an essay question in a question bank, the question is marked as "unanswered," even when I put an answer in the "General answer comments." I'm not sure why it's flagging that at all, but the problem is that "unanswered" then gets added to the beginning of the question title (as is shown in the second image). This, besides being an annoyance, also changes the (alphabetical) order in which the questions are listed when I am selected them to go on a quiz or test.

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@GRE6 I apologize you are seeing this behavior. I tried recreating this issue, but was unable to. I would recommend reaching out to our support team in order to see if this is an intended behavior. How do I contact Canvas Support? 
I would recommend you provide a screen recording of the behavior if possible when you reach out to support, and make sure to include the URL in the screenshots/recording. 

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