Questions not showing up in Banks (Classic Quizzes)

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I'm trying to figure out why so many of my questions never move from Classic Quizzes into a Quiz Bank. I have gone through every question in the Unfiled Questions. They aren't there. It's frustrating because I can't find a way to reuse these questions easily.

For example, I use Check-In Surveys, and the questions can repeat and sometimes the question changes but the range of multiple choice answers repeats (e.g., the answers are a Likert scale from Very Happy to Very Disappointed). It would save time to be able to copy that question from a bank and then just tweak what I need to. Instead I keep having to recreate everything.

So here's a thought that just came to me: Does Canvas only save questions from Classic Graded Quizzes to Quiz Banks? I use Graded Surveys extensively for work that is graded Complete/Incomplete. My hunch is that the questions that aren't getting into Banks are from Surveys. 

I realize that this may be a question that only an Instructure Developer can answer, but thought it was worth a try. 

Thanks for your time and reading my guesses.



Traci Gardner (she/her)
Instructor, Department of English
Virginia Tech