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I work out of Collaborative Sandbox with my colleagues to create content. I have been making homework quizzes with images often. The problem is that when we all go to copy the module for the week all the images in the quizzes I created are not visible to them or the students. This was not an issue last year. I have upload the images directly from my computer drive into the quiz and I have also uploaded them first into my image files on Canvas, and no matter how I upload they do not show up for anyone. What can I do to fix this?

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Community Coach

Hi @MariaOsborne1,

I have good and bad news around this. The bad news is that using the Send To or Copy To with New Quizzes does seem to break images right now.  The good news is that this has already been identified as a known issue by Instructure and they are investigating the cause and potential fixes.  You can follow the issue thread,  [OPEN] Copy to & Send to function can break Course... - Instructure Community, to see when Instructure has a fix in place.  Until then, you could potentially use the course import functionality instead, though it may not be as user friendly for your exact workflow.


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