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Hi - I have made Canvas quizzes with each question pulling an item from the banks that I built.  I would like to see a report that gives me data for each question, not each item.  Is this possible?  Currently I see a report that gives me data for each item pulled from the item bank.  Since the items in each bank are the same standard I do not need to see each item's analysis, just the overall correct/incorrect for each quiz question.  A report like this would be very helpful.  Thanks!

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Hi chkingPUSD11, 


The reports should be visible through the method mentioned in this guide, as when you go to access the quiz and item analysis, it should show you a breakdown of each item in the quiz. New quizzes does refer to questions as "items", to be more catchall, so that could be where some confusion is coming from. you can see each of the fields it would be providing here

I'd recommend double checking with Canvas support if you do need further assistance with this question, as then you could provide more in-depth details on what you're needing. 

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