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I have cross listed three sections. When I pull the Quiz and Item Analysis report I can only see the data for all three sections combined together. It looks like one class instead of three. Is there a way to see the report by section? It would be extremely helpful to know this data by individual section. 

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Greetings BradLoucy, 

I understand you have a course with multiple sections and you want the ability to delineate between sections in the Quiz and Item Analysis for New Quizzes.  I made a test New Quiz in my demo course and I was not able to find a way to sort by section.  I went to the guides and release notes for the "Improved Item Analysis" to see if I was missing a step and I did not find anything that referenced sections.  With that in mind, I think it would be worth submitting your idea to the Ideas page to see if our developers can add the ability to sort by section in New Quiz reports since New Quizzes is still a work in progress. 

I see in Classic Quizzes, that instructors have the ability to sort by section in the quiz statistics. This guide has more details on that feature.  It may be worth citing this functionality from Classic Quizzes in your new idea, to give other members of the community a feel for this function.  Here is a guide on how the Ideas Community works.  Note you will need to "rank up" in the community to add your awesome idea.  The guide on the Ideas page will have the specifics on ranking up.  Feel free to copy and paste from my reply to you as well as the guides, when you submit your idea. That way other community members can submit comments and we can get some energy going around your idea.  

I'm excited to see this idea come to fruition. I know many instructors around the world who are starting to use new quizzes will appreciate this feature.  



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