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It would be awesome if tests made in quizlet could be uploaded to canvas quizzes. On quizlet you click a button and it automatically creates a test of your material. I would love to have that functionality on canvas. As far as I can tell quizlet can't be used this way and Canvas doesn't have the ability to quickly make a test out of course material that is created by the teacher.

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Developing content with Quizlet and transforming that to a quiz bank would be pretty spiffy. I like Quizlet a lot.  I see two possible paths here:

1. Someone could write an LTI tool for Quizlet that supported their quizzing modes similar to other interactive content and quizzing tools that support writing to the Canvas gradebook, such as Office Mix​ or SoftChalk CLOUD​.


2. Canvas does accept the Qti. format for importing / exporting quizzes, so if Quizlet developed a QTI export, you could import Quizlet assets into Canvas that way.

Either would be nice; both would be great, and I can only imagine integration with Canvas would increase Quizlet market share. Although I am not a programmer, I suspect that the people best equipped to implement these ideas would be Quizlet. Perhaps you could contact them,  @susie_tattersha ​? I looked on the Quizlet site and I am not seeing a way to make or vote on feature requests though. Smiley Sad

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