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Re: What user roles and permissions are available in Canvas?

Where can I see what role another user has been assigned?

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Community Coach

Hi @thompsli 

You can find a list of the default roles and permissions at What user roles and permissions are available in Canvas? 

Admins also have the ability to create custom course-level and account-level roles.

If your account permits it, you can see what roles the users in a Canvas course have been enrolled with by going to the People tab if it has been made available.


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How can I see what account-wide role and permissions a specific user has been assigned if they're not in a course? In this particular case, I was trying to see what role and permissions one of our SpEd aides has. They're not enrolled in any courses, but have (or should have, hence me troubleshooting) the ability to look in on courses in a custom role we made for that use case, and I wanted to make sure that this person had been assigned that role and could see a certain course. I was trying to look on their user details page but not finding anything on a user-by-user level like that.

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Hi @thompsli ...

If you are a Canvas administrator, you should be able to go to the screen outlined in this Guide to see what kind of rights someone has been assigned.  This would also apply to sub-accounts, too.  How do I add an admin to an account? - Canvas Community

Sing out if you have any other question about this...thanks!