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Rearrange gradebook

As an instructor, I understand how to rearrange the columns in the gradebook, and that I can also drag each column for custom placement...but PLEASE, can the developers come up with an easier way to do that?? It takes forever for me to drag each individual column where I want it, and I have to do that for every gradebook in every class I teach!

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Hi there, @jmerriam ...

I can understand why this would be a tedious process for you and others.  As you may know, Instructure has currently suspended the Feature Idea process so that they can do some work on it.  This means that currently, nobody can create new Feature Ideas, comment on existing Feature Ideas, or rate existing Feature Ideas with a star.  However, this is scheduled to open back up at the beginning of February 2023.  You can read more about this at: Idea Conversations: The Path Forward.

I searched the Community a bit, and I think I found a similar Feature Idea based on what you've described above:

Gradebook management: bulk edit gradebook columns - Instructure Community (

Since your posting above is really a Feature Idea, I would suggest that you leave a comment on this Feature Idea once it opens back up in early February.

I hope this helps, Joan!  Sing out if you have any questions...thanks!

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Community Coach

@jmerriam -

You did not specify how you wanted to arrange the columns (what particular order), so the following may help with what iyou are trying to do:

Here is the instructor manual page on how to arrange columns.

You did not mention if you had read it, so I figured I would post it.


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@jmerriam I agree with you that the "drag-and-drop" method of moving Gradebook columns is a royal pain. There should be a better way to move the columns.

That being said, I'm going to suggest to you that you not waste your time trying to organize your Gradebook. My Canvas courses have many, many graded assignments, and I never spend time moving around those columns. The only columns I move to the left, next to the students' names, are the Total, which is a percentage, and the Weighted Assignment Groups. The Total column is easy to move by clicking on the three dots. The Weighted Assignment Group columns have to be dragged over.

Once I've done that, I use the Gradebook Filters to find the grades I'm looking for. For example, I might look at the grades in one of my Assignment Groups (e.g. Weekly Quizzes, Compositions, Final Exam) or at the grades in one of my Modules (e.g. Week 1 Module, Week 2 Module). I can even choose an Assignment Group + Module (e.g. Homework Assignments in the Week 3 Module).

Using the Gradebook Filters will make your life so much easier. You'll be able to find exactly what you want without having to rearrange all of the columns. 

Good luck!



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hello, you can rearrange columns in your gradebook by doing “View” drop-down menu (at the top of the gradebook) – allows changes to the order/view of assignments. Drag-and-drop assignments – you can reorder the assignments in your gradebook by dragging the column headers (assignment name) into the preferred order.


This simple process will help you do your work .

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