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Is there a way to reattach profile pictures to copied/imported course announcements?

As you all know, Canvas strips out your profile picture from announcements that are copied into a new course. I get it. They want to prevent careless instructors from copying others' announcements and students being confused about who is saying what. So all imported announcement pictures display a blue U, which looks unprofessional.

Every semester for every course I consequently have to copy-and-paste and reschedule every scheduled announcement in every one of my course. It's a big waste of time. It defeats the purpose of auto-adjusting dates and times between imported courses. And it's a potential source for introducing errors.

Is there a way to edit an existing imported/copied announcement to tell Canvas: "yes, I mean it, this is mine, please put my picture back on it?"

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Hello @pjonas1 

The short answer is no - that feature hasn't been built and isn't yet an option when copying content over from one course to another. 

I highly suggest checking out the ideas and themes page as it has been reformatted to get real improvements from users and suggestions like this. Engineers are already implementing ideas that have been suggested:

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