Repeated/Nested/Condensed Rubric?

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I have some projects where students basically do multiple mini-projects--like a timeline of 10 scientists with the same 7 bits of information provided for each one. When I was grading these on paper, I used a grid rubric that let me just go across each row then add up a total. 

I've tried to do a condensed rubric in Canvas. For example, the criterion would be "scientist name" and would be worth 10 points. But that really hasn't worked well.

I'd like to have a mini-rubric that I could for each section of the project, and ideally, one that would collapse when I'm ready for the next section. But right now, the only to achieve that seems to be listing out each individual criterion:

  • Scientist 1, Criterion A
  • Scientist 1, Criterion B
  • Scientist 1, Criterion C
  • Scientist 1, Criterion D
  • Scientist 1, Criterion E
  • Scientist 2, Criterion A
  • Scientist 2, Criterion B
  • and so on...

Is there a more elegant way to do this that I'm missing?

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