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We have more than 300 students in 1 course. We need to give access to an external party to check results and assignments for 5 students. What would be the best way of doing this so that they don't have access to the other students.

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@jikolji -

I am not 100% sure on the following method because I have never tested it out. If you can add them into your class - or have an account created at your institution for them that you can then add that dummy account person into your class. Then add them in as a TA and restrict their viewing to a section that you create with the 5 students they need to look at. I know there is the option when you add a person to a course that they can be restricted to interacting with students in their section only - I just don't know what that actually means view wise.

You can easily try it out by first creating the section with the 5 students. Then add one of your colleagues to the course as a ta with restriction to that section only. Then your colleague can log in and see what is available.

Here are some useful links from the instructors guide:
How do I add a section to a course
how do I edit sections for enrollment in a course
How do I add users to a course

Edit : I just tried this out in my lab course that has 4 sections. I added one of my dummy students in as a TA with restriction to a single section. I could only see the students in that section. So What I state above will work. What @Chris_Hofer mentions is a possibility as well.

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Good morning, @jikolji ...

I'm not sure if this role would fully meet your needs or not, but have you considered using the "Observer" role for this external person? Here is a bit more information on this role (this is a Canvas administrator Guide, by the way):

What user roles and permissions are available in C... - Instructure Community (

You might want to have a conversation with your school's Canvas administrator to see if this might be a possibility.

Good luck!

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