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Rich text editor acting up, shifting between typed words

Processing in the canvas text box, I cannot move forward after each typed word. The space key function appears to do nothing when prompted. To get around the problem, I press the option key along with the spacebar to dislodge the cursor to jump to the next space to enable the type. The handicap creates real issues and wasted time. Other times when the cursor is engaged in the textbox, the container lights up as if coded as an Html object. My keyboard works well. No other technical objects interfere with what I am speaking about or other programs—the current issue developed around early October 22. Workstation, Mac OS.

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Hello @fiddlecr

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community!

I was not exactly sure what might be causing this to happen. Do you happen to have a screen recording displaying the behavior you are seeing there? This might help us get a better understanding of the behavior you are seeing in the RCE on Canvas.

I checked the known issues page for Canvas and I did not see anything related to what you are describing.

I was able to locate THIS information about keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the the Rich Content Editor.