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SCORM vs. vSCORM in Canvas

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Hello community,


I have a problem with uploading a different type of SCORM package to Canvas than I am used to handling.

Regular SCORM packages work fine, however I have a "vSCORM" package at hand which contains just an "e-learning link" - basically it is a redirect to display the content from where it is actually hosted outside of our Canvas LMS. Where an actual SCORM package is several MB in size, these vSCORM .zip files are just 50-60 kB. 

SCORM files display just fine in Canvas but the vSCORM files are uploaded, but is not appearing. Just a blank page where the SCORM object should display. When I test the vSCORM file by uploading to SCORM Cloud, it works fine.

So what's up with Canvas? Does anyone have any ideas here?

P.S. I work at a university, our Canvas is password-protected.

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I have never heard of vSCORM, and this is the only thing useful I can find on the internet about that term:


I would reach out to the elearning authoring platform helpdesk and see if they can guide you through implementation.

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