SIS import deleted student from section, then had to re-add via SIS "active" status - however...

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I have run .csv update files twice daily for years. In the past, if our SIS indicated a student was to be removed from a section, I used the enrollments .csv file and put "deleted" for status. Ah, but then the student had to be returned to the section. I did the "active" setting and imported. In the past, the student, their work, their grades all returned.

Not today!! I did the same routine as I always do and had to reinstate two students to a section. Now the students are back, but there are no grades or submissions showing. Worse, when I go to our backup site and grab the grades, the production course Gradebook will not allow me or the teacher to add back the grade! It's a grey block and no way to add a grade.

What happened??? Help!


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Hello @wilsong 

I understand that you are seeing an issue where submissions are not returning for some students who were removed and then added to a course. 

I know in Canvas that submissions are tied to enrollments. So as an example; if a student is removed from a course, the submissions are also removed. When they are added back into the course the submissions should also return. 

  • As mentioned previously, are the assignments assigned to "everyone" or possibly to specific sections or individual students? If the assignment is not assigned correctly, it could be causing the submissions to not return for that student. 
  • When you added the student back to the course did it create duplicate account for the student? 
  • When you added the student back into the course, did you give them an active status for the enrollment? Or were they added with an inactive/concluded status? If they were added with the inactive/concluded status, you can go the gradebook, enable the option to show "inactive" and "concluded" enrollments and it will show anything they submitted previously.  HERE is a guide that covers that process. 

If needed, you can have Canvas support look into this to figure out why the grades and submissions are not returning when the student is added back into the course. 

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