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SIS integration with iSAMS

iSAMS is a popular MIS used in the UK and in many (British) International schools. Has anyone any experience working with iSAMS or even better, set up a working integration.

Worryingly, Canvas is not on their list of integration partners...

Looking for any advice, guidance and people to talk to...!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Gideon, 

I am currently trying to integrate isams and canvas myself. Did you have any luck finding any information on how it can be done?



Community Champion

Hi Rachael

Short answer - No

Slightly longer answer  - Someone at Canvas UK is looking into it and making enquiries.

I would be interested to know what stage you are at with Canvas (and the integration). I've moved from a British International school which had SIMS. We (by which I mean our very talented Head of Information Systems) wrote some code to do a sort of one-way integration to populate our courses.

Be good to share ideas and possible answers - even if it is how to extract classes with csv and do the job manually :O(

I will DM you my school email.


Hi Gideon

Just checking if you have any updates to the integration between isams and Canvas?