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I conduct several different surveys in different classes, when I download the data the file gives the same name "Survey Name of Survey". SUGGESTION: Can the name of file be changed to "Survey Name of Survey_Semester_CourseNumber", eg: SurveyTextbook_FA23_PHY101-100.

I know that I can change the names myself but one of the problems I run into is sometimes when I am downloading the files I am not keeping track of which class and semester I am in, I am just doing a download dump, and sometimes I forget what year I am in, for instance I started miss labeling my files as FA24 instead of SP24 because my brain always thinks of FA instead of SP. I know you reading this may say this is a you problem. But this would keep errors at a minimum and will help faculty with handling the files easier when they download them. Just a thought...

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I like this idea too and would find it helpful for file downloads to include more context information by default.  To submit suggestions for new features, you will need to submit it as a request in the Ideas and Themes space.  How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community?

Creating an idea does not provide an immediate solution to the problem you described, though it is a solution. I’m going to mark it as such and hope that our colleagues who have a similar challenge will find the best way to contribute. 

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