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Scoring "new" quizzes

Realistically, how are teachers meant to score these "new quizzes?"

The "new" quizzes autoscores forced choice questions and then displays that score to students as if it is an actual score, even if there are unscored free response questions.  This score is also being pushed into the gradebook.  Canvas does not add scoring these quizzes to my to do list, nor does it have any way of indicating which quizzes have unscored questions and which have been scored.  

I can score a quiz by going to "moderate" and then clicking on an attempt and it will notify me at the top that there is a question that "needs review" but this is a completely ridiculous way to score 150 exams. 

I have been going into my gradebook and deleting out the autoscores, then accessing speedgrader by choosing a specific student's score and then choosing to open speedgrader, and working my way through the quizzes that way, and making a comment on each one to let me know that I have scored it.  But it is slow to update the score and sometimes simply does not show an update to the score, even though it will grey out the button as if the score as been updated. 

I feel like I must just be missing something because it feels like there is no way that people are just tolerating this unsustainable system? Is everyone just only using forced choice responses? 


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