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I added my rubric before I made it a turnitin assignment just like always. I forgot to check the box so that the rubric automatically transfers the grade (btw I think that should just be checked automatically... why else would I add a rubric to Canvas?). Some students havre already submitted the assignment and so Canvas won't let me change the "submission type" so I can go back and check the box. Is there a workaround for this or will I just have to keep it this way?

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Hi there, @Tanja_V9 ...

We also have the Turnitin LTI external tool integrated with our Canvas environment.  In my own testing, I logged into my sandbox course in Canvas and opened up an assignment that is using the Turnitin LTI.  (It had two "dummy" student submissions in Turnitin, by the way.)  I was able to "Edit Assignment Settings", and then temporarily change the "Submission Type" from "External Tool" to "Online" (making sure to also check one of the options such as "File Uploads").  I was able to successfully save my changes, and then it showed me the assignment along with the rubric below that I could edit the rubric as needed.  Then, I went back to "Edit Assignment Settings", and selected "External Tool" as the "Submission Type".  I selected the Turnitin LTI tool, and after I saved my changes to the assignment, I was able to see the Turnitin interface again with the two submissions I had seen before.

Is this the process you were trying, too?  The rubric that you originally attached to the assignment should stay attached to the assignment even though you are using the Turnitin interface.  And, you should be able to use the rubric in the SpeedGrader to grade the work from your students.  Finally, since the rubric does not display below your assignment instructions (because it shows the Turnitin interface instead), students can still view the rubric by following these instructions:

How do I view the rubric for my external tool assi... - Instructure Community (

I hope this information will be of some help to you.  Please let Community members know if we can be of further assistance...thanks!

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