Self sign-up groups don't open at the same time

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I opened self sign-up for a group set this morning in one of my courses. It was a time sensitive thing as students had to sign up for their preferred group with limited places available. I opened all groups at the same time through Edit > Allow self sign-up, but received word from the students that the groups actually opened one by one every few minutes, with the last group not opening until 20 minutes after I had enabled self sign-up.

This of course caused some panic among the students, which was not our intention at all. What caused this lag and how can I prevent this from happening in the future? 

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Hello @astrdvndrl 

I understand that you were seeing some odd behaviors with your groups in Canvas. 

This sounds like there might have been some sort of issue going on in Canvas after you had enabled the self sign up for the groups. Are you still experiencing this issue in your course? 

if you are still seeing this issue, can we have you submit a ticket to support on this issue to see if it was related to any known issues at the time?

Be sure to include a link to the groupset, and any information necessary for them to investigate this further. 

HERE is our guide on enabling self sign up for groupsets in Canvas. 

HERE are our instructors guides for Groups in Canvas. 

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