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Show/Hide course content (e.g. Files, Pages) by student section?

Hi, relatively new to Canvas here.

Is there a way to show/hide (publish/unpublish?) course content (e.g. a file) to only a particular section of students?

Example use cases:

  • One class (section) has a slightly different 'term overview' to another due to the timetable
  • I have alternative materials for a student with particular accessibility needs (e.g. document with high contrast colour option) that I want hidden from other students.
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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @PeterSercombe -

Welcome to Canvas!

These are good questions. Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate a page in the same way you can differentiate an assignment. Others have wondered about this too, and this long-standing idea is Open for conversation --  Differentiated Pages - Instructure Community .

While this is technically a workaround, it is possible to create an assignment and have it be "no submission" or "does not count towards final grade". Content there would show only for the section assigned. How do I assign an assignment to an individual student?  (rather than typing a student's name, you'd select the section.)

With the option above, if you include a file in a differentiated assignment, only the people "assigned" to the activity would have access to the file. This would work best if Files was hidden from the course navigation menu. How do I manage Course Navigation links? 

I understand that this is an overview of many smaller tasks. I'm open to collaborating! Please let the Community know where we can help.