Show quiz & answers without allowing submission?

Community Novice

Totally new to Carmen Canvas and can't seem to find what I'm looking for in the guides. 

I am heavily using quizzes for my class of 80 students for homework (unlimited attempts), at home quizzes (3 attempts), and just about everything else. I would like for them to still be able to see the quiz (preferably with answers) after the due date but not be able to "retake" the quizzes.

I think being able to see them is helpful for studying purposes, but when they retake them for practice prior to exams it overrides their grades prior to the due date. If I try to use the late autograde function, it is replacing even perfect scores from before deadline with zeros, which is not my intent. On the other hand, I don't want students who didn't do the assignment on time to be able to get credit for it. It's difficult to recheck 30 some odd assignments from 80 people on a regular basis to manually correct. 

I tried enabling the "available until" function, but it just locks them out.