Some green checkmarks for published assignments are now lightened

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Why are some of the green checkmarks indicating published assignments within a module now lightened (lighter green than others)? This is a new development. What does the lightening mean? I'm attaching a screenshot to show the difference between the checkmarks.

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If you hover over the check mark, it will tell you that you can't unpublish an assignment that has grades posted to it.

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@cmmcdade ...

I've been chatting with another one of the Canvas Coaches, and we can't seem to locate anything about this in the Canvas Guides just yet specifically for assignments.  However, there is documentation about what this faded green checkmark means in recent Deploy Notes.  Hat's off to @chriscas for finding this:

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-04-26) - Instructure Community (

See the section on "Assignments: Green Publish Icon Color Update".

Hope this helps!

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