Staggered release assessments missing in PowerSchool passback in multi-section classes

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I use Canvas's passback to PowerSchool and have run into a problem with staggered release quizzes and tests in multi-section courses. What happens is that the quiz or test will sync to PowerSchool in one section of the class but not the other, and it never gives me an error message so I don't notice that the assessment hasn't synced until the end of the semester when I'm checking to make sure grades match. 

After noticing that 4 assessments didn't sync this semester and being unable to get them to sync, I asked our tech director for help and he noticed that assignments that are released to "Everyone" synced correctly, but everything that was done via staggered release didn't sync to all sections of the class. He suggested going back and changing it to "Everyone" and that did the trick (I also did "Remaster grade passback" after I changed the release to "Everyone" on the missing assessments just to be on the safe side). 

It would be nice if it would sync to PowerSchool without going back in and releasing it to "Everyone" (note that "Everyone else" doesn't work; it only syncs all sections if it's released to "Everyone"), but at the very least, I thought it would be helpful to have a forum post with a workaround in case anyone else was having the same problem.