Student Discussion Posts not Showing in Speedgrader

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I have a professor that has assigned a graded discussion, however when trying to grade it through Speedgrader the post and replies do not appear.  The only thing that appears on the Speedgrader screen is:


He can select "view the full discussion" and sort by student entries.

Is there an issue with Speedgrader or a setting that he has selected?

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This makes sense. He actually created a group set in the class but did not

place anyone in there since he didn't know how it worked. He has since

taken the group set out.

Thank you.

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The workaround below resolved our issue:

  1. In the Settings of the Discussion, uncheck the Graded option.
  2. Save the change.
  3. Go back into the Settings and check the Graded option.
  4. Save the change.

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Timothy Danner's workaround (edit discussion, marking ungraded, then changing to graded) worked for me.  I had inadvertently marked it as a group discussion to start, then when I went to Speedgrader it showed me none of the students' discussion posts (since I had set up no groups, perhaps?). 

But when I went to edit and noticed my grouping selection, I was unable to uncheck groups because students had already submitted into the discussion.  By marking it as ungraded, I was able to uncheck the groups.  Then when I edited again and marked as graded, all the students' submissions re-appeared for me in Speedgrader.

Which is awesome.

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