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Student Flip VIdeos- submissions not showing up in Speedgrader or Gradebook

Hello everyone,

I am working with a follow teacher who has been using the Flipgrid LTI the past several years with no issues. She teaches ASL so her students are using flipgrid for many assignments. 

This Term (started last week) she created an assignment using the LTI and when students  open their assignment and recorded the video, the video does NOT show up as submitted in the gradebook OR in speedgrader. The videos can be seen in the grid itself but it is not showing as submitted. From the Student viewpoint, they see their video in the grid but it doesnt show as they submitted anything in the assignment itself. Its acting like the intgration is not passing back the information. 

The teacher did not change anything in the way she set up the assignment- and in Term 1 everything worked fine. We went to Flip FAQ and follwed the trouble shooting steps- uninstall and reinstall the integration. Still not working. 

Students use their chromebooks to record and access the assignment through Canvas... so they are not going directly to the FlipGrid website and recording from there.

Any ideas? Thanks! 


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