Student Interaction Report option not showing when accessed through 'People' section

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Hi, I have been checking the settings if there is a way to enable or disable the Student Interaction Report option when accessed through 'People' in a course as it is not showing on my end. Please see attached screenshot below. 



I am able to access the Student Interactions Report without a problem through the 'View Mark' button on the dashboard. However, I am unable to find the option to access the report in the People section for a particular unit. This issue is only specific to one unit, and all other courses are working fine.

Hoping someone can help. Thank you in advance!

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Community Coach

Hi @abvarch02 

It sounds to me as though you have different permission settings in the problematic unit. The most likely explanation for this is that it may be sitting in another sub-account with a different permission set - I recommend that you have a chat with your local support ... 

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