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Student Progress in Module Not Recording (Using required/prereq)

Has anyone else tried using the Module Requirement function because you need your students to view every page, but you have a small percentage of students who report that Canvas is not marking the pages as read? Is it a Mac issue or App issue?


I stopped using the feature because you can't individually excuse a student and I've also just ended up taking all the requirements away. 

Again- there are no quizzes or assignments in the Module, just page views as the requirement. 


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Hello @sarah-canatsey 

Thank you for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

I understand that you have seen some issues while using Module requirements. 

I have used Module requirements before and they are usually pretty easy to set up for your students. But to be completely honest....I have also come across my fair share of issues involving them. 

  • As far as why students are not being marked as completed might require some more in depth troubleshooting. It can also depend on the configuration of the module requirements or even prerequisites. If you have the requirement setup in a way that the students are required to mark a page as Done, the student would need to physically click the "Mark as Done" button on the page before that can proceed.  If the page is not being marked as done after the student clicks on the button, it could be something intermittent, such as exceeded browser cache or even a device issue. Clearing cache on the browser can sometimes alleviate this. (guides for clearing cache on MAC and PC) They can also try using an Incognito/private browser window to further troubleshoot the issue 
  • If you have your modules configured in a way that the student just needs to view a page, it might be an issue related to them not viewing the pages in sequential order or something along those lines. From my experience, sometimes students will try and skip ahead, and not always realize that they need to move through them in the order that they are presented and configured. 
  • If a student has viewed the required page and it is not unlocking for some reason, Canvas support can take a look at the module configuration and try to determine why the page is not showing as Completed/Done. I checked to see if Canvas had anything listed on their known issues page HERE, but I did not see anything impacting the LMS as now. 

Hopefully this helps a bit!