Student submitting assignments as a group but also individually and switching groups.

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I currently help with a course where all students have to hand in case questions each week. There are multiple different segments in Canvas, and I have created a group set which allows for self-sign up within each group set, provided that students in each group are enrolled in the same section.

To make grading easier for TAs, I have created separate assignments to which I only assign 1 section at a time. That way, each section will have their own assignment upload object. I also chose to make each assignment a group assignment, and selected only the group set that corresponds to that assignment. So, in short, a student from Section A1 would see assignment 1-A1 for him/her to upload the assignment in, and if registered to a group, the submission will automatically count for other A1 students in the same group (and group set).

However, we want to give students the option to also submit the assignment as an individual if they choose not to work in groups.

Is it still possible for students in the same section to submit to the group assignment upload Object without being in any groups?

In addition, if possible, as these are self-sign up groups, will it cause any problem when students choose to switch groups (or leave a group and continue the course individually) after the first assignment has already been graded? So for example Jack submits the week 1 assignment as part of group A1, but then leaves the group, submitting the assignment in the second week without being part of any group (or perhaps chooses to join another group).

I hope everything is clear. I would really appreciate your input. I attached screenshots to help visualise the process.

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Hi @AdamRybko ,

I don't know the answers to all of your questions, unfortunately, but I can share that Canvas allows single-member groups. So students who want to work alone can still be part of a group but as the only member. I don't think there is any setting that prevents others from joining the group, however, so that communication would have to occur elsewhere. ("Don't join my group; I prefer to work alone.") This way they would still have access to all the group features while preserving their option to work alone.

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