Student view "enrolment has been concluded": view my quizzes as test student again?

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A colleague contacted me that she can no longer view quizzes as a test student. Whenever she clicks student view, she can access all pages, but as soon as she clicks a quiz or an assignment, she receives the message: "This quiz is no longer available as your enrolment has been concluded."

After a going through a long checklist (availability course, correct linking, etc.), I discovered (by acting as another user) that her students can actually still see all the content. The issue is solely with the Test Student.

I decided to do an experiment. In my personal sandbox, I removed my Test Student from the section enrolments (as explained in Indeed, my student had vanished from my gradebook, and as I clicked "Student view" on my sandbox homepage, a new Test Student appeared. Pages are visible, but whenever I click a quiz, the same message appears. I suspect I have found the source of the issue (my colleague's "test student" was created just an hour before she contacted me, while her course had been active for some days, so I'm assuming the original version got deleted, and this is a new "Test Student" too).

I've looked through the Canvas Guides, but I cannot seem to find a way to undo this. Is there a way my colleague can view her assignments and quizzes through Student View again? She's very relieved her students can continue working while we try to fix this, but the matter is still urgent, as she is unable to check if everything in the course works as it should...

Many thanks!

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Fyi, I got a message from Canvas on 11/10/21 that this known issue was fixed, @Steph_30 

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