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I have a student in my class who is also an instructor in our domain.  He can edit the class even though he is listed as a student when looking at the people in the class.  Thank you! 

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Hi @schma3,

Enrollments in Canvas are handled on a per course/section basis, meaning someone can be a teacher in one course and a student in another course without having any "bleed-over" extra access or anything.  The only was someone listed as a student in a course would have any extra access is if they were also an administrator in your Canvas instance.  In that scenario, the person would have more access because of their admin role permissions.  I would recommend reaching out to your local Canvas team (usually in the IT / eLearning / Digital Education areas) to see if the user is an admin for some reason and find out if they can remove the admin access if it's not needed.

Hope this helps a bit, let us know what you find out from your local team!


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